Make it pop – picture perfect renderings

Alibre Design Expert comes with technology powered by Keyshot – the easiest to use product rendering solution available today. One-click transfers of your models into Keyshot makes it easy to make brochures, sales materials, and website images. You can also explore material and color choices.

Photorealistic Rendering

Keyshot for Alibre Design

Alibre Design Expert comes with a standalone rendering tool called Keyshot for Alibre Design.

Transferring 3D models to Keyshot

Either export a native Keyshot .BIP file, or use the Render button to initiate a live-link session with Keyshot. Any time you make changes to a 3D model in Alibre Design, you can press the Render button to update the model in Keyshot automatically, without needing to reassign materials. This version of Keyshot can only open BIP files generated from Alibre Design.

Huge drag-and-drop material library

Keyshot comes loaded with over 640 photorealistic materials that you can drag-and-drop right onto your model. Categories include Cloth & Leather, Gem Stones, Glass, Lights, Liquids, Metal, Mold-Tech, Paint, Plastic, Stone, Wood, and several specialty categories. You can easily modify any material, changing various sliders and color options to get the perfect look.

Always real-time rendering

Your design is always rendering using Keyshot’s real-time raytracing. This means you get a good feel for how the model will look at all times, instead of having to wait for a render to finish. This allows you to be highly interactive and explore many different possibilities quickly. The longer you leave the render without any changes, the better it will look. Or, you can decide to render out the finished image at any time.


  • Sales
  • Presentations
  • Trade show graphics
  • Bids
  • Marketing materials
  • Website images
  • Brochures

Material Presets

  • Cloth & Leather
  • Gem Stones
  • Glass
  • Lights
  • Liquids
  • Metal
  • Mold-Tech
  • Paint
  • Plastic
  • Stone
  • Wood


  • HDRI-based lighting
  • User-generated lighting optional


CPU Rendering

  • No expensive video card required – Keyshot uses all the cores of your computer processor.


“Keyshot allows me to make product images that we use everywhere – our website, catalogs, and occasionally during the bidding process if it’s very competitive. It also lets us finalize our finish choices much more quickly since we can see a picture.”

Jayesh Patel