2D Engineering Documentation

Precise, crisp 2D documentation is the language of manufacturing. Alibre Design offers a highly customizable, expansive tool set to ensure your design intent is conveyed correctly.

2D Drawings

Documentation is always up to date

2D documentation including views and dimensions updates automatically when you make changes to the 3D model, ensuring your documentation is always consistent and up to date.

Comprehensive communication

Robust and customizable documentation tools allow you to quickly communicate design intent. With 10 view types and dozens of option-filled detailing tools, it’s easy to create professional manufacturing documentation that meet the style and visual requirements of your organization, client, or supplier.

Document assembly and disassembly

Include exploded views with bill of materials callouts to document assembly instructions. Shaded views bring the color of the design into the document, making it easy for non-technical stakeholders to understand.

Real time, context sensitive options at your cursor

Save time and be sure you’re getting what you want with realtime previews of your modifications. Clicking most kinds of objects in the 2D environment will provide you with appropriate options right at your cursor.

2D View Support

  • Standard Views
  • Section
  • Aligned Section
  • Removed Section
  • Broken Out Section
  • Auxiliary
  • Detail
  • Broken
  • Partial
  • Exploded

2D View Styles

  • Outline
  • Shaded

2D Detailing Support

  • Standard Dimension
  • Ordinate Dimension
  • Chamfer Dimension
  • Foreshortened Dimension
  • Circular Dimension
  • Note
  • Datum
  • Datum Target
  • Surface Finish
  • Feature Control Frame
  • Theoretical Intersection
  • Surface Finish
  • Weld
  • Centerline
  • Callout
  • Hatch Patterns
  • Tables
  • Redlines
  • View Scale
  • Circular/Linear Hole Pattern
  • Image import


  • Layer Styles
  • Dimension Styles
  • External/Internal Thread Settings

Wizards and Ease of Use

  • Dimension Reposition Wizard
  • Context-sensitive popups
  • Real-time previews
  • Snapping
  • Title Block Wizard
  • Automatic updating when 3D model changes
I can bring up something I designed one year ago and make changes to it. If I need to cut a hole or slot for a switch, I know the exact location and dimensions that I used before. It takes all the old cutting and fitting out of it. Making changes in Alibre Design is a cakewalk!
Bob Gustin

Methode Electronics