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 Alibre Design V26 due 5th December!

Alibre Design V25 now the current version.

  • Major new features include: 
  • 3D Wrap Feature – add text to curved surfaces
  • 3D Project Feature – add material draped onto a curved surface 
  • BOM Summation – have your Bill of Materials summarised automatically
  • Explorer, Toolbar, Menu – Feature Explorer, Toolbars and Menu options improved
  • Expanded Snapping – Enhanced Snapping onto features when selecting and dimensioning 
  • SVG Import / Export – Fast method of copying sketches from objects
  • OBJ Export – Export .obj files to rendering programs 
  • Side-by-Side Install – From version 25 > – operate 2 different versions on one computer

Alibre Design version 25, released 21th June 2022.

View release history to see new features: https://www.alibre.com/release-history/

Current version Download or enquire about maintenance.


Outstanding value-for-money. 

List prices updated 15th  November 2022

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 Expert version new license

NZ$4158.00 + GST and AU$3830.00  (Maintenance included)

 Professional version new license  

 NZ$2348.00 + GST and AU$2163.00  (Maintenance included)

 Atom3D  version new license 

 NZ$451.00 + GST and AU$417.00  (Maintenance included)

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Comprehensive 3D toolset

Create 3D parts with unlimited complexity for whatever application you need. Skip dozens of extra clicks, poor sketching environments, and strict modeling paradigms for a straightforward modeling experience. Precision is built in, and changes are easy.

Create complex assemblies

Test fit, function, and form before going to production. Easy drag-and-drop constraint creation and WYSIWYG tools get the work done fast. Create parts in an assembly based on other parts, make exploded views, and perform analyses.

What can you make in Alibre Design?

Large machinery
Mold design
Scientific instruments
Factory equipment
Scale models
School projects
Consumer products
Historic replicas
3D Printing projects
Industrial equipment

Anything you need to manufacture.

Precision sheet design

A dedicated Sheet Metal Modeling environment provides you with everything you need to model nearly any sheet metal design, including lofted transitions and closed corners.  Convert regular or imported solid models into sheet metal models. View flat patterns with one click, and then take it into 2D for manufacturing.

…and so much more!

“The simplicity, power, and flexibility of Alibre Design makes it the first tool I reach for in my role as a consulting mechanical design, development, and manufacturing engineer.”
Lew Merrick

PE, Consultant

“With the ability to share our concepts and ideas with our customers using 3D images, our ability to understand and provide the customers exactly what they need has been very much improved. We are tapping into new market areas that we simply could not have competed in before we started using Alibre Design. I am very satisfied.”
Cincinnati Automation

Design Engineer, Ford Jacobs