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Alibre Design:

Level 1  
An introductory level course for anyone wanting to use solid modelling to create parts, assemblies and drawings. Also covers sheet-metal models, developments and drawings. Creation of basic Bill of Materials, section, detail, auxilary and exploded views. Covers all the basics then takes a look at individual participants needs.

Level 2 
An intermediate level course for users of Alibre Design, who wish to extend their knowledge and abilities to become more efficient and productive. Training is customised to meet the users' needs, and users are requested to provide a list of topics they would like to address. All suggestions are welcome and can include part modelling using configurations and design tables, animating an assembly, using dimension formulas, advanced Bill of Materials, assembly part patterns and rendering. Also popular is creating project specific drawing templates with smart title-blocks.  


Sorry, we no longer offer training courses in the use of Chief Architect software. However as we are still using the program for all our architectural design and draughting work, are prepared to sell copies of our current templates for you to use. Set up for producing A3 size drawings, our templates are customised to provide the maximum productivity and ease of use when producing residential schemes and consent drawings.
We will also help you finish a plan you may be having difficulty with.


Although we rarely use AutoCAD these days, we are happy to provide tuition and support to anyone new to the software or simply wanting a few answers to their immediate questions. We are considering resuming our popular two-day intro courses as an on-demand basis. Please enquire if you are looking for tuition or need some assistance with a current project and we'll discuss whether we can help you.
Taught in a generic manner to appeal to users from any discipline, this course introduces the concepts of 2D draughting using AutoCAD software. Drawing and modifying tools are introduced through the construction of simple shapes. The creation of a dimensioned print layout is also covered.

For more advanced users of AutoCAD LT we introduce productivity tools and explore options beyond the basics, useful for users with limited experience who want to extend their knowledge.