Architectural Draughting Services

Architectural Draughting Services

For over 20 years Bay CAD Services Ltd has been providing a draughting service to architects, developers, housing companies and builders, as well as private individuals.

We offer a complete architectural draughting and documentation service, including all drawings, calculations, and specifications required for consent and construction.

  • Concept plans (3D outline model on site plan).

  • Design and scheme (Design new building, produce 3D model of scheme, produce 2D prints of scheme).

  • Scheme from design concept supplied (produce 3D model of scheme, produce 2D prints of scheme).

  • Resource plans (floor plan, elevations, site plan).

  • Consent / construction plans (floor plan, elevations, site plan, sub floor plan, details, electrical plan, roof plan, written specification, cross section, bracing plan and bracing calculation, H1 calculations and risk management).

  • Full tender documents (all of the above plus material selection, colour schemes, and additional details).

  • Architectural work created on Chief Architect, a 3D modelling programme.

  • Photo quality images of buildings for marketing/selling purposes.

Send us your sketch and short brief and we will estimate the cost to complete the work you require (selected from services provided above).