Early-Stage Mechanical CAE Solutions
Great designs start with great engineering


GrafiCalc© is groundbreaking software that enables you to simulate, evaluate, and validate all critical engineering parameters before committing to detailed design. With GrafiCalc you can achieve greater innovation, improved product quality, faster design time, and significantly lower overall development costs.

        GrafiCalc Capabilities

GrafiCalc helps you to "sketch and solve" a wide range of mechanical design challenges while making  informed decisions. The following demos illustrate field-proven capabilities of GrafiCalc.

  • Motion Simulation View Demo (7 minutes)
  • Performance Modeling View Demo (8 minutes)
  • Tolerance Analysis View Demo (9 minutes)
  • Leverage Microsoft Office and CAD View Demo (3 minutes)

"GrafiCalc is like the Swiss Army Knife for engineers"

Alan Moss
Senior Consultant


"GrafiCalc has saved me considerable time in the modelling and optimization of the geometry used in our positive displacement machinery.  What we used to do with geometric data from our CAD system and numerical data from our spreadsheet models is now entirely done within GrafiCalc at a fraction of the time that it used to take.  Consider me a satisfied customer!"


Steve Chomyszak, Chief Engineer

Mechanology LLC. USA

Better Designs – First Time Right!

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