Geomagic Design

- All the features you need to develop 3D Solid and Sheet-metal parts, Assemblies, Bill of Materials and fully detailed  Drawings.

 Full featured 3D Parametric Design software that is easier to use, quicker to learn and more affordable than competitors  products.

 * Solid and S
urface modelling
 * Extensive range of import/export file types
 * Direct editing of imported parts
 * Configurations of parts and assemblies
 * Dynamics for Geomagic Design animation and motion analysis
 * Basic Keyshot photo-rendering.
 * Publish to PDF: 
Publish a 3D PDF of your design, viewable by anyone with a recent version of Adobe Acrobat.

 License Options:
Install on as many workstations as you want and activate/deactivate each as you need via the internet
 * Dongle license for off-line use of the program
 * Floating Network license for maximum flexibility

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 - NO LONGER AVAILABLE. There is now only one version of Geomagic Design and it has all the features available.

 All existing owners of a Geomagic Design Elements license are offered a free Full version Geomagic Design license and  can start using their replacement full version by simply  purchasing Annual Maintenance. 

 Cubify Design

 Formerly known as the Personal Edition of Alibre Design and Geomagic Design, Cubify has modelling tools you need to create professional quality models  for 3D Printing. Also an excellent, affordable software for hobby modelers.
For detailed information and to purchase online go to

  Free Trial Download
Use this link to download the free 15-day trial of Geomagic Design software:

 On-going support:     Geomagic Design products are supported by Annual Maintenance Subscription Service payments which provide updates,  upgrades to new versions, and access to support. 
 On-going Subscription Service: Design Version - $654.90 and Elements Version
- $496.20
 Cost of ownership over 5 years,   Assuming initial software purchase cost plus purchase of Annual Maintenance Subscription Service each year for five years.

  Based on 5 days usage per week for 52 weeks of the year:

                                Geometric Design:  approximately $4.85/day                         


 Take into account the ability to install your license onto several computers, allowing you to move between office, workshop    and home hassle free.

 ADD-ON products: 
 USB Dongle 
For an additional $337.50 you can purchase a USB Dongle allowing you to work Off-line. Avoid the stress of dodging viruses etc and use your computers resources for work rather than constantly running checks. Also great if you have the software installed on several computers as you simply move the dongle to activate/deactivate installations at different locations. 

 Simulate for Geometric   Design:
ombines Dynamics (Motion simulation) with FEA in one seamlessly integrated mechanical simulation product. This powerful add-on combines FEA and Dynamics Motion capability to compute the stresses resulting from the dynamic loads induced by the motion of an assembly. 
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Fast track your learning for a quicker return on your investment by attending a training course and learning to use the software correctly. We run courses on-demand at various venues around the country so contact us and express your interest so we can arrange a course near you. Check our website for courses

Geomagic Design software includes a free tutorial and access to several training videos to help get you started. A reference manual is also available in pdf form. An extensive series of training videos are available for viewing on-line.

 Geomagic Design comes with a 30- day  Money-back-guarantee 
  Refund of purchase price 
less $50.00 admin fee. If the software does not meet your expectations, simply let us know within 30 days of purchase.
  Due to constantly changing $ rates, contact us for current pricing. 
  Please note:  Prices quoted do not include GST