Software products


Bay CAD Services Ltd strives to offer affordable alternatives to the more expensive CAD products available. in the past we have stocked Chief Architect and Home Designer for architectural designers. These are now only available from the Chief Architect website.

Our most popular software has always been Alibre, a very affordable alternative to Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge and others, that is used for everything from structural steelwork to jewelry design. Very popular with light and medium engineering companies.

Eliminate the clutter. Don't pay for features you may not use! 

Most 3D design programs have dozens of complicated features you don't need, and you pay for them not only with your money, but with your valuable learning time. Alibre is simple, easy to learn, and gets the job done. Pay for what you need. Increase your Return On Iinvestment. 

Get all the power. Fully parametric 3D solid modeling. Parts, Sheet-metal parts, assemblies, drawings, BOMs, along with a rich toolset to speed up your design. Alibre has the essential tools most designers use all the time and enough advanced functions to meet the needs of most Kiwi designers. 

Don't overpay.  One-fifth the cost of comparable solutions. Very reasonable Subscription Service costs. For most people the biggest difference between Alibre and the other software packages is the price. Alibre is approximately 20% of the Solidworks price, and the on-going annual maintenance fee is also a fraction of the cost of other products.  

To compare the cost difference with other similar software packages, you need to look at the total cost of ownership over a period of at least 5 years. Add the initial purchase price plus 5 years annual maintenance. You'll soon see why so many companies are changing to Alibre software.

Support. People that actually answer the phone with real answers. Compare that to any other CAD company.

Alibre, a 3D parametric modelling program similar to Solidworks, Solid Edge, and Inventor, has proven to be very popular with hundreds of businesses in New Zealand. An affordable alternative to the competitors programs, Alibre has all the functions and capability required to design and develop your designs and drawings, at a very affordable price.

Training courses are available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.