January 18. Licensing changes have been announced that affect all license owners of versions older than 17.0.0 -  The older Alibre Design versions are licensed on a system that is old and no longer viable, and to be de-commissioned. Geomagic Design versions are licensed on a 3D Systems licensing system controlled by them, and they are ending their support for the software so their licensing system is being de-commissioned. All owners affected by these changes are urged to update their Annual Maintenance so they are entered onto the new Alibre LLC licensing system. This is also a great opportunity for owners of old Alibre Design Standard and Personal Edition licenses to upgrade.  See our Specials page for details:  Specials  

December 13. With the release of update patch last Friday, the current version of Alibre is 2017.1.2   - Also please note for anyone using Team Platform. 3D Systems will be discontinuing the TeamPlatform collaboration and file sharing product on December 31, 2017. Those users who rely on TeamPlatform primarily for file sharing should be able to transition fairly easily to another service, but we understand that some users have developed workflows around TeamPlatform that may take longer to replace. Please contact us at if you have concerns or feel you require an exception to the December 31, 2017 termination date and they will be happy to work with you.

September 4. Alibre team announce the amnesty on expired licenses will continue until end of September.

September 1. Our Re-launch Alibre Design has been the most successful promotion ever. The amnesty on old licenses, along with reduced prices, tempted many users with very old licenses to update and get back on board. The comments from users are all positive and everyone is excited for the future now the Alibre Team are back in charge. 

July 17 2017. Great response to new version launch. Many users requesting license migration and renewed Annual Maintenance orders show a renewed interest in this great software. World-wide response to new version proves faith in the Alibre team and their determination to progress their product and look after their clients. Alibre LLC, a private company dedicated to producing Alibre Design software is proving to be more attractive than the large corporate ownership, and a lot easier to communicate and work with. The future is looking very good for Alibre Design.

July 3 2017. New Alibre Design is released. Users of Geomagic Design version 2015.1.1 advised to request license transfer to new Alibre by emailing:

June 22 2017. Special prices advertised. Especially good deal for owners of old licenses. Our website and the website have been updated again.  

June 20 2017.  Alibre Design is back and the release date is going to be around June 25. The beta version looks just like the last version of Geomagic Design and appears to be a lot more stable. Less lock-ups and I think it is faster. Existing license holders of both Geomagic Design and older versions of Alibre Design will be contacted over the next couple of weeks with instructions on how to upgrade to the new software. 

May 15 2017.  Its our anniversary and we're planning something big for Geomagic Design users. Check back in early June.

August 5 2015. Education licenses are no longer available to students. Only accredited educational institutions can purchase at the education discount pricing.

July 20 2015.  Good news and not-so-good news.  Until the end of 2015 users with expired Annual Maintenance can renew without penalty. All you pay is the normal Annual Maintenance fee. Unfortunately due to the falling value of the $NZ there have been two recent small increases in the price of Geomagic Design products.

July 16 2015. Good news and not-so-good news. Geomagic Group inform us that Annual Maintenance for Geomagic Design Elements is no longer available. Everyone will now be provided with the full Geomagic Design Annual Maintenance and will be billed accordingly.  

May 1 2015. Geomagic Design Elements version is no longer available. All owners of Geomagic Design Elements will be upgraded to the full Geomagic Design version at no additional cost. 

Mar 4 2015.  Geomagic Design Simplification Plan. 

Extracts from 3D Systems announcement. At the beginning of March 2015, 3D Systems will publicly announce the end of support of certain Geomagic software products and offer a free upgrade program to maintenance customers who own these products. The streamlined Geomagic product line will allow us to deliver the best design, 3D scanning and inspection products to the market.

What are we doing?

We are retiring some of our products from further development on Dec 31, 2015 and technical support as of April 30, 2016. All maintenance customers will receive access to the equivalent, ongoing software product while retaining access to the original software in perpetuity.

Why are we doing this?

The evolution and 2-year integration of Geomagic products as part of 3D Systems means that we now have a number of very similar products within the same line. In order to give all ongoing products the development and support focus they deserve, we have opted to retire some products from long-term support. This allows us the ability to properly enhance selected products to better meet your needs into the future.

What options do I have if I am not on Maintenance?

You have an opportunity to renew your maintenance right now with Geomagic, which will qualify you to receive the ongoing software product at no additional charge. (Note: you may have to pay a fee to catch up with lapsed years of maintenance.) Contact your local country Sales Office here:

If you are a current maintenance customer, you will receive an email on March 24 2015 detailing where to download your new, equivalent software seat.

Feb. 11 2015.  Geomagic Design Version 17 released. 

Some cool new features and a whole lot of fixes and general improvements. Download your copy today. 

Please note: You must run an uninstall to remove your existing Geomagic Design before you install the new version. You also need to have current annual maintenance. 

Useful links: Version 17 download for 64 bit computers:

                     Version 17 release notes

Please note: if you are using a 32 bit computer you will need to contact us for a different installer link. The purpose of this is to gauge how many clients are still using 32 bit computers.

Hardware requirements. You will not get the full benefits of your new software if your computer is short on resources. If you find yourself waiting more than a couple of seconds for the computer to process your commands, it might be time to re-access your computer. The recommended hardware requirements for realistic productivity are now as follows:

Suggested Hardware Requirements for efficient use of Geomagic Design software: For large, complex assemblies you should consider faster processor and more RAM. 

• Processor: Multi-core processor, 2.2ghz or faster per core. 2.6 Ghz or better is recommended. Look for i7 processors that increase speed under load. ie 2.9 > 3.9 Ghz is fine.

• System RAM: 8GB or more, 16GB min recommended when dealing with large assemblies.

• Screen Resolution: 1920x1080 

• Video Card RAM: min of 512MB if using Windows 7 or Windows 8. 1Gb is recommended when dealing with assemblies.   

• Video Card Framework: Must support DirectX 9.0c or above and OpenGL 2.1 or above (almost all recent cards do) 

• 30GB or greater HDD, 256GB or greater SDD or 10,000rpm HDD recommended as well as a seperate HDD for caching data 

• 3 button mouse with scrolling capabilities • Sound Card • Keyboard 

Dec 10 2014. Amnesty on expired annual maintenance.

Until the end of December 2014 you can renew your annual maintenance and update your software without having to pay the penalty fee of $158.90 + GST.  This is a great opportunity to update to the current version and you will be able to get the new version, due for release early next year, as well as using Geomagic Support for the following 12 months.

Please note: Bay CAD Services Ltd office will be closed between Christmas and New Year so you need to act now to secure the advantage being offered. 

Closing 12:00 noon on Dec 24 and re-opening Jan 5 2015.

August 25 2014. Further clarification of maintenance renewal

3D Systems management new policy; Anyone renewing annual maintenance for a Geomagic Design Elements license that was converted from an early version Alibre Design Professional, may find they no longer have sheet metal and configuration tools, in line with the current features of a new Geomagic Design Elements license. 

May 28 2014. Clarification of lapsed maintenance renewal. 

Any new Geomagic Design or Geomagic Design Elements licenses purchased after March 11 2014, can be installed on several computers but only used on 1 at a time. 

Anyone having purchased their software prior to March 11 2014, and having kept up their Annual Maintenance, can install the software on several computers and continue to use the software on any 2 computers simultaneously.  

What has just been clarified is that the 1 active computer rule will also apply to anyone renewing a "retired" license by purchasing Annual Maintenance after letting the maintenance lapse. 

April 14 2014. Finding the web pages you need. A few people are having trouble finding their way around the Geomagic website. Here are a few links you might want:

To download a zip file containing both 64 and 32bit versions of latest Geomagic Design, copy and paste this web address into your browser:

To find the site to download add-ons from, use this address:

To find the support and training material, use this address:

April 14 2014. A new update patch, Hotfix 1 for Geomagic Design / Geomagic Design Elements V16, has been released to fix a few bugs and add some new features.

 This will update your software to Geomagic Design Version*   Find out What's New in Geomagic Design V16 Hotfix 1 by clicking here

April 12 2014. Licensing is changing for Geomagic Design!   Listed below are a few of the key changes and improvements to licensing:

Note: These changes only affect versions of Geomagic Design (formerly Alibre) released after March 11, 2014. No action is needed to continue to use old versions of the software.

Customers should no longer use to download future product releases or add-ons. No new product information, account information, downloads, or any other information will be maintained on

    • For longtime Alibre users, old versions of the software can still be downloaded via
  • You will no longer be required to sign-in to download or use the software. Instead you will receive an Activation Code to license the product.
    • This Activation Code WILL NOT WORK with older versions of the software (released prior to March 11, 2014).
  • Any product activated with an Activation Code is now user-transferrable and the license information stored virtually in the cloud. We call this the Virtual Dongle.
    • Simply deactivate one machine and activate the next. No license keys to keep up with, no passwords to change, and no fuss to change machines. Instructions on how to "deactivate" a machine can be found here.
April 9 2014. Please be patient. If you order software please allow 2 - 5 days for the issue of the license/download. The new registration system is still being commissioned and the process is a bit slow at present.

April 8 2014. Important message to anyone downloading the latest Geomagic Design installer. 
1/     When you have downloaded the installer you need to edit the name in order to get it to work. Browse to your downloads folder and right click on the Geomagic Design installer > pick                         Rename > add .exe to the end of the text > double click somewhere else on the screen to finish. Now you can double click on the installer and it will work.

2/     When you get to the registration part where it asks you to choose the type of control, pick "Virtual Dongle".

March 11 2014. New software upgrade patch released today and new registration system put in place.

July 10 2013. Geomagic Solutions announce the release of Geomagic Design 2014, a major service pack upgrade for the recently released version 2013. Also announced are two new add-ons for Geomagic Design: Dynamics for Geomagic Design (a more advanced version of Motion), and Simulate for Geomagic Design that sees a return to providing FEA and this one combines Motion and FEA to compute dynamic loads induces by the motion of an assembly.
June 10 2013. Enquiries and sales are keeping us busy as the news of the new 2013 version spreads. The special SouthMach show special ends at the end of this week so don't delay if you want to save. Also keep an eye on the dollar exchange rate; prices could be forced up soon if the value drop continues.
May 29 & 30  2013 SouthMach Show. While I think the weather discouraged many people from attending, we had a good flow of people wanting information about the software. It was good to see so many clients calling by to say Hi and discuss the new version; thank you it was great seeing you.  
April 17 2013. Alibre Design 2013 is released with a new name.

We are now 3D Systems Geomagic!

At 3D Systems we are committed to improving and democratizing access to powerful and affordable 3D software solutions for the benefit of professionals and beginners alike. A key part of that commitment is to combine the Alibre products and team into the 3D Systems Geomagic group and an initial step is that we have rebranded Alibre Design products as Geomagic Design.

This means that the software will now be a core part of a much larger, yet highly experienced, software operation, making available additional support, development and training resources. It also means that the Geomagic Design products will ultimately be able to benefit from the other interesting and game-changing technologies in the Geomagic group that deliver 3D haptic modeling, reverse engineering, scanning, and inspection software.

We are all excited about this transition and foresee great possibilities in the future of the Geomagic Design software.

April 1 2013. 3D Printers - Alibre Inc announce that sales of 3D Touch/RapMan 3D Printers have been discontinued as of today.
March 26 2013. Eagerly awaiting the release of Alibre Design 2013. Beta testing is finished, the promo material is ready, and last minute fixes are being attended to. We expect to see the software released any day now. A very impressive list of new and improved features is available to view by following this link
As you will see, nearly every niggle has been attended to and some great new features have been provided. If you are into sheetmetal design, you will find plenty to smile about, and all of us will be pleased with all the new drawing view and annotation improvements. Take a look and familiarise yourself with the new tools. 
October 15 2012. Alibre Inc announce: MecSoft and 3D Systems have decided that it is in the best interest of Alibre CAM customers, as well as both companies, for MecSoft to exclusively handle sales and support of Alibre CAM starting October 15, 2012. All our existing Alibre CAM clients should now deal directly with James Dowle at Waka NZ Ltd who is the New Zealand agent for MecSoft and their CAM software products.
March 7 2011. Alibre Design Inc announce a name change for Annual Maintenance, which will now be known as Alibre Subscription Service.

March 7 2011. Alibre Design Inc announce 3 new products.

1) Alibre Exchange: A free-standing version of Alibre Translate that can be purchased by anyone wanting to convert CAD file formats. Exchange also allows users to view and measure files.

2) Flex Licensing: Take control of your installations by enabling/disabling licenses on your computers. This purchase saves you having to contact us to do it for you. Only works while you have active Alibre Subscription Service.

3) Alibre Viewer: Supply a link to a free download of Alibre Viewer so your clients can view and markup native Alibre files. The download link will only be available while you have active Alibre Subscription Service. 

October 17 2011.

Launch date for new version 2012 is apon us. All appears to be going according to plan for a launch tomorrow, our time, so you should be able to download as soon as you receive the automated email notification from Alibre Inc.

Please wait until you receive the notification from Alibre. Otherwise, if everyone tries to download at the same time, there is a risk of server overload, and we'll all have to wait even longer. 

October 6 2011. 3D Systems announce the release of new 3DTouch 3D Printer from BfB, to replace the BfB3000 Plus 3D Printer model. The 3DTouch™ is packed with new features including multiple print heads for greater color and material choices, a new intuitive touchscreen for enhanced user experience and USB storage.  See our 3D Printer page.


September 27 2011. Alibre advertise 3D Printer bundle promotion ending September 30.


September 9 2011. Announcement from Alibre that we are now able to offer 3D Printers to be sold as a bundle with Alibre Design software. Initially two 3D Printers will be available; a low cost RapMan 3.1 3D Printer that requires assembly of a custom-designed kit, and the next level Pre-assembled BfB 3000 Plus that is ready to use in approximately 15mins.


July 20 2011. Today we are announcing that Alibre Inc. was acquired by 3D Systems, a leading global provider of 3D content-to-print solutions including 3D printers, print materials and on-demand custom parts services for professionals and consumers. 3D Systems are looking to invest heavily in the further development of Alibre Design, from which we can expect to see more features, more 64bit add-ons, and a higher quality - more stable product. While the product will likely change over time, the changes will be positive for our existing clients and new prospects alike. Goals such as ease-of-use, highly polished products, user efficiency, and new tools that address specific markets are all on the way. 


January 11 2011. Alibre Design softwareJanuary 11 2011. Alibre Design software upgrades available on special until 31-1-11. Here is an opportunity to take your software to the next level at a discounted price. Also available is an upgrade to Keyshot 2 for Alibre, for those of you wanting to produce outstanding rendered images of your part and assembly designs.


December 24 2011. The staff at  Bay CAD Services Ltd wish all our clients a great Christmas and a prosperous 2011.


December 23 2010. Keyshot licenses.


Anyone installing Keyshot photorendering software will require a license number in order to activate the program. Email us for a license; there may be an overnight wait as we have to get the licenses from Alibre Inc in Texas.


November 8 2010. Alibre Design 2011 updated version released.


If you upgraded to 2011 prior to November 8, you should download and install this new version which fixes some minor glitches that appeared in the original October version.


October 26 2010. Alibre Design 2011 available for download and installation. 


Open Alibre Design and pick the UPGRADE TO 2011 button on the opening window. This will update your account and take you to the download page. Note: you will be asked to un-install your existing copy of Alibre Design - This will not affect any job files, however you may need to reset any options you have changed and been using.

*Expert Users will get 64-bit and Advanced Sheet Metal 1 & 2 on upgrades and maintenance purchases



September 2010 - Alibre Design releases new version 2011

Expected release now October 25; the new version is a re-write in 64bit code which promises to improve speed of handling large assemblies. The new version will also include some interesting new tools such as: Part to sheetmetal conversion, hole type library, new sketch tools, customisable keyboard shortcuts, multi-plane creation, scale and mirror parts, component replacement in assemblies, new dimensioning tools, new in-place editing tools.


Anyone purchasing new licenses between now and the release date will receive a free upgrade to version 2011.


September 2010 ZWSOFT

Bay CAD Services Ltd is no longer actively promoting ZWCAD, however we do have a few standard version licenses in stock and available at discounted prices. This is not a reflection on the quality of the product, but our wish to concentrate our efforts on promoting and supporting Alibre Design and Alibre CAM software.

New software that enables users to evaluate, optimise and validate all critical engineering parameters before committing to detailed design ...more.