Design and Draughting Services
"The devil is in the details" and that is where we specialise.
Celebrating 22 years of design and draughting.

Architectural Design

New House Design

Renovations design

Consent/construction plans

Rendered images for advertising

Independent Kitchen & Bathroom designers

Building permit preparation and application

"You dream it - we'll scheme it"

Bring us your ideas and we'll work with you to create a scheme, and a 3D computer model for you to walk through, of your new home, as you want it, on your site, to suit your lifestyle.

Draughting Services

Architectural and Mechanical

"You scheme it 

we'll detail it"

Builders, developers, architects and owners, bring us your scheme and we'll produce detailed consent/construction plans to meet the requirements of any local authority, at a fixed price, on time, guaranteed.

Bay CAD Services Ltd is a leading CAD based architectural design and draughting services provider in New Zealand. Specialising in the production of detailed house plans and specifications for consent and construction nationwide. We have experience in dealing with Local Authorities in all areas of New Zealand.


3D Parametric Design Software
(This is the popular Alibre Design software with a new name and new features) 

New version 17
Now available for download. 

 New features and fixes to make Geomagic Design even more productive. 
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Geomagic Design 
Full featured 3D parametric design software. (Formerly Alibre Design Expert) Everything you would expect from a modern 3D Parametric design and drawing program.
 $2918.55 + GST
                                                Don't wait. The dollar value is on the                                               move and prices are going up. 
                                         Reduce your design costs in 2015. 

Special notice to owners of Elements: 
As the Geomagic Design Elements version is being discontinued, all owners of Geomagic Design Elements version who have current Annual Maintenance will receive a free additional license of Geomagic Design, the full version. As you will not lose your Elements license, you can choose to replace it with the full version or continue using the Elements version and have the full version on a second computer for additional use. 
Is your Annual Subscription current?

Now is a good time to renew your lapsed Annual Maintenance as you will be eligible to also start using the the full Geomagic Design product from April.  ie  You get to own 2 products by being on active maintenance!! 

using Geomagic Dynamics
Still using the old Motion animator that came with Alibre                                  Design?
                              Upgrade to the new Dynamics animation software for                                      $299.90 + GST


FEA add-on  
Geomagic Simulate
Perform your own static and dynamic FEA test simulations. Includes Geomagic Dynamics animation $2918.60 + GST

Training.     For a fast return on your investment look for a                                       training course near you.
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Is your Annual Subscription current?
Renew now and update to the new version 17.

Reduce your design costs by changing to Geomagic Design 2015, the best value-for-money alternative for all your mechanical, industrial and sheet metal design projects. 
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